Jewelry can prove to be a hard choice for numerous brides. With too many alternatives for jewelry and very many things to decide on during the wedding day, sticking to a number of general rules ensures the experience becomes enjoyable. Wedding jewelry should blend with the style of the gown and should not be too overwhelming. An elaborate gown matches well with simple jewelry. Some of the tips for choosing jewelry for wedding dress include:

Select the right color.

The white color comes in a variety of shades and is common with brides today. Different metals appear better when accompanied with different white shades. Even though it might not seem obvious, matching colors helps to enhance the look of the bride. Do not wear yellow gold with white as they seem to clash. Yellow gold needs a dimmer white shade accompanied with yellow tones. Diamond white and ivory blend well with gold. Pearls, platinum, and silver are good options when a bride is wearing a white wedding gown. Diamond white is highly versatile. It will not only complement yellow gold, but also pearls, rose gold, silver as well as other numerous acceptable pairings. Ivory is very attractive when paired with gold. This is because its metal accentuates the creamy tint found on the gown.

You should know how to pair metals and jewels.

You should make sure you match the kinds of metals and jewels with the jewelry and gown. Nothing appears worse than when you mismatch metals and jewel tones. Diamonds, cubic zirconia, and rhinestones have very different glimmers. Colored jewels and pearls can be included. However, ensure they do not clash with each other and the metals blend. White gold earrings worn with a gold bracelet are a complete mismatch. Similarly, a sapphire bracelet and ruby necklace do not match each other, and makes the appearance seem unplanned. Numerous gowns also have jewel accents that you should consider too.

Choosing jewelry should be a memorable experience for a bride. Whatever a bride’s budget, there are numerous alternatives available.